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Bertha is 16 years old and in a few short months, she will be a senior in high school.  She has four full years of STARS experience under her belt (more than any other participant!)Bertha is particularly interested in psychology, living environment and behavioral science; she is looking forward to attending college for psychology.

Bertha is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish, and she hopes to use blogging as a tool to improve her communication skills, a practice that she believes will help her in her future career.

Bertha’s Blog





Emily is 16 years old and will be a junior in high school this fall.  She loves working on the Internet and believes blogging is a great way to communicate about issues she finds important.  As a Science STAR, Emily loves science but she is especially interested in chemistry.

Emily’s Blog




Keyli is 17 years old and will soon be a junior in high school.  Like her STARS colleague Bertha, Keyli is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.

Keyli loves animals and hopes to have the chance to interview a veterinarian as part of her blogging experience.  She is even considering veterinary science as a possible career path!

Keyli’s Blog




Lana is 15 years old and a rising junior in high school.  She is passionate about animals and is looking forward to having the chance to interview veterinarians about the work they do.  Like some of her STARS colleagues, she is interested in becoming a veterinarian herself.

Lana’s Blog




Morgan–or as her friends call her, Momo-is 16 years old and a soon-to-be junior in high school.  She loves biology and animals sciences and is considering a career as a veterinarian.  As such, she is excited about the possibility of interviewing a veterinarian in the course of her blogging experience.

Morgan’s Blog

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