From Baby to Genius: Future Psychologist’s Tips

The human brain is a very fascinating thing to me. Because I am so infatuated with the human brain I decided to major in the psychology field. My main focus on the psychology field is adolescent psychology, which is why this blog explains to you how children’s brains behave and how we can make our children of the future more critical when thinking and learning.

Psychological development is a very important science study. I say this because psychological development explains how we develop throughout time from babies to adults. That article I just pointed you to argues that you should teach your infant different languages when they are first born because at that age they are learning moral understanding, language, problem solving, motor skills, and developing a sense of identity.

As an infant, brain development isn’t fully formed yet, because it’s still developing. It helps to teach your child at a young age different languages and inviting them to use different learning styles. It has been said that if parents do this while their child is young, the child will develop more advanced skills and knowledge. Mainly because when we learn we learn from simple to complex styles.

When learning in this way, we use trial and error, and babies do this as well. So when they are being challenged at young ages they grow up to be resilient when challenged.

brain development throughout the years of aging

So my advice is start teaching your kids when brain development is still being developed, so your child can be able to learn at these complex stages at an early age. Consider incorporating fun gifts that align with educational themes to make the journey of cognitive development both enriching and entertaining.

Hopefully in a few years, maybe I will be your next child’s psychologist.


Love in the air like a breathe of fresh air.

While sadness and sorrows blocks happiness from thy ears.

But then you came and changed the day, made me a victim of love as if I was thy slave.

And there I am standing on the edge of this cliff, looking for love like a clueless bird drifting in the wind.

I see your face its not too far away but as I grasp for thy hand I feel the earth slipping beneath me. So don’t let go, just hold my hand, so you can pull me backon the cliff and we can be back in the dream that I dreamt of just then.


My Process of Becoming a Better Me!!!!

My most memorable moment is finding out I was pregnant. I say this because, as I got that news, my smile grew and grew. Everyday was a new challenge and everyday was a trip to becoming a new me and becoming a better me.

By me becoming a mother, and knowing that another human being was growing inside of me, I had to become a better me for my child and me as well. To me, carrying a baby was a blessing from god himself. My baby was my little angel, and everyday I got more anxious to see my little angel’s face.

Just the thought and every movement of feeling I experienced was a new day and a new accomplishment to myself, because that means I was getting closer and closer to see my baby’s smile, face, and body that I help made.

The process was hard, but the process was also the best process I could ever experience in my life. I say this because it was a process of self-actualization.

Self-actualization is a theory made by the famous psychologist Maslow which he states is a process that we experience in life. Maslow would say that my self-actualiziation involved my quest for spiritual enlightenment and my pursuit of knowledge.

Everyone has a part of life where they have that moment of self-actualizing. You can have this point in life at any age, some people have that experience very young and some has it later on in life. This is mainly because this is one of the final steps of psychological development. You reach this step of psychological development after you have achieved all your basic mental and physical needs are fulfilled.

I haven’t fully reached my point of self-actualization, but day by day since the experience of almost becoming a mother, I have gotten closer to becoming a new me and bettering myself and those around me. I am doing this by not falling into peer pressure, and when I see someone around me that has a problem, I try and talk to them about being positive no matter what they are dealing with.

Being positive is good, and I’m working on a positive me and a positive world.


Learn More, Smoke None

For years marijuana usage has been a huge debate.

This topic is important to me because, throughout my life I have seen my peers abuse this illegal substance that we call marijuana. A big part of the problem is, is because our media shows it as cool. By me seeing this drug affecting people’s lifestyles around me, I decided to look into the topic of marijuana more and this is what I found out through my journey of internet research.

The debate is about whether or not marijuana is addictive. Over many years marijuana has been used as a medication and also has been used as a drug. As a drug it has been used for all of the wrong reasons, which has made it illegal in the majority of states in America.

Cannabis also known as marijuana , is a drug that is said to be addictive and a drug that is a gateway to the usage of other drugs, and that’s why people look for solutions as a private drug rehab to avoid this all together. Why is this though? Historically,  marijuana has been used in rituals as a medicine to people who are suffering from illnesses. Now, individuals are seeking the best home detox for alcohol to address substance abuse issues in a more private and controlled setting.

A lot of research has been done on marijuana effects and harms. The statistics point out that the reason why marijuana is so addictive is because it interferes with a person’s lifestyle choices. There has been research that shows that when a person who habitually uses marijuana and tried to quit experienced irritability, sleeping difficulties, cravings, and anxiety. In addition, people who use marijuana and have addictions have also shown an increase in aggression according to psychological tests that were given, which peaked approximately 1 week after their last drug use. This information is crucial for individuals seeking help, and finding the right support from a top rehab company can greatly assist in addressing these challenges. Moreover, there is a website called that can provide assistance during your rehabilitation.

The National Drug Abuse Association research team posts a summary that suggests marijuana is not addictive and it’s rather easy to quit, but it all depends on the mindset of the person that gives them the ability to quit the use of marijuana.

A couple of things that have been shown to cause addiction to marijuana is the act of people mixing marijuana with other toxins and substances. When marijuana is mixed with other substances it can drive a person to become addicted to other drugs or become addicted to marijuana itself. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, seeking professional help from a reputable ddrug rehab near me can make a significant difference in the journey towards recovery. To avoid this occurrence some States and other Countries have made it legal to smoke and carry small amounts of marijuana in local stores, so that the use of other drugs can be avoided and also for the drug itself can not be mixed with other substances.

My advice to people is to avoid illegal marijuana usage, because marijuana can easily be mixed with other substances to drive people to become addicted to other drugs or to marijuana itself. Being unaware of your actions can lead you down the road of destruction, and you never know where that can lead you or where you will end up in life.

I hope this research didn’t just help me alone, but I hope it also helps my peers to understand why they feel the way they feel and the possible risks that they are taking in their life. One time smoking marijuana can lead to numerous health risks in the future.

A Flower Growing In The Sun

Hello World I am Bertha, and I am a 17 year old Latina mixed with Native American.1048721_484919144920857_1487701324_o I am a senior at our large local high school, and I am also going to school at a local college for Psychology.

I myself have been through lots of life changing experiences through these first years of growing up. Going through so much at a young age, I decided to make my purpose on earth to try and make changes for good, not just for myself, but for others as well. Not only am I trying to make changes, but I’m also trying to be a role model to others. I didn’t always have a positive role model, and because of that, I don’t want to see others to experience what I have been through.

Psychology has been one of the most important studies in my life and because of this I have tried to surround myself around clubs, programs, and things that will either help me gain some knowledge of psychological studies or things that will make me have to use my knowledge of psychology to understand scenarios or people that I have been placed with.

I found this poem online that was written by another teen. It drew my attention not only because life changes but it’s a poetic thought on my philosophy on how I view life.

My life has been a movie; it has its problem, its happy endings, and its main characters. As I get older I realize more and more everyday that your movie can end any minute, so the best thing you can do is make the best of your life. Make a movie that you will be proud of even though you have made mistake and have ups and downs.