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30th July 2013 | Closed

Love in the air like a breathe of fresh air. While sadness and sorrows blocks happiness from thy ears. But then you came and changed the day, made me a victim of love as if I was thy slave. And there I am standing on the edge of this cliff, looking for love like a clueless […]

My Process of Becoming a Better Me!!!!

30th July 2013 | Closed

My most memorable moment is finding out I was pregnant. I say this because, as I got that news, my smile grew and grew. Everyday was a new challenge and everyday was a trip to becoming a new me and becoming a better me. By me becoming a mother, and knowing that another human being […]

Learn More, Smoke None

30th July 2013 | 2 Comments

For years marijuana usage has been a huge debate. This topic is important to me because, throughout my life I have seen my peers abuse this illegal substance that we call marijuana. A big part of the problem is, is because our media shows it as cool. By me seeing this drug affecting people’s lifestyles […]

A Flower Growing In The Sun

12th July 2013 | 2 Comments

Hello World I am Bertha, and I am a 17 year old Latina mixed with Native American. I am a senior at our large local high school, and I am also going to school at a local college for Psychology. I myself have been through lots of life changing experiences through these first years of growing […]