My Process of Becoming a Better Me!!!!

My most memorable moment is finding out I was pregnant. I say this because, as I got that news, my smile grew and grew. Everyday was a new challenge and everyday was a trip to becoming a new me and becoming a better me.

By me becoming a mother, and knowing that another human being was growing inside of me, I had to become a better me for my child and me as well. To me, carrying a baby was a blessing from god himself. My baby was my little angel, and everyday I got more anxious to see my little angel’s face.

Just the thought and every movement of feeling I experienced was a new day and a new accomplishment to myself, because that means I was getting closer and closer to see my baby’s smile, face, and body that I help made.

The process was hard, but the process was also the best process I could ever experience in my life. I say this because it was a process of self-actualization.

Self-actualization is a theory made by the famous psychologist Maslow which he states is a process that we experience in life. Maslow would say that my self-actualiziation involved my quest for spiritual enlightenment and my pursuit of knowledge.

Everyone has a part of life where they have that moment of self-actualizing. You can have this point in life at any age, some people have that experience very young and some has it later on in life. This is mainly because this is one of the final steps of psychological development. You reach this step of psychological development after you have achieved all your basic mental and physical needs are fulfilled.

I haven’t fully reached my point of self-actualization, but day by day since the experience of almost becoming a mother, I have gotten closer to becoming a new me and bettering myself and those around me. I am doing this by not falling into peer pressure, and when I see someone around me that has a problem, I try and talk to them about being positive no matter what they are dealing with.

Being positive is good, and I’m working on a positive me and a positive world.



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