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From Baby to Genius: Future Psychologist’s Tips

22nd August 2013 | Closed

The human brain is a very fascinating thing to me. Because I am so infatuated with the human brain I decided to major in the psychology field. My main focus on the psychology field is adolescent psychology, which is why this blog explains to you how children’s brains behave and how we can make our […]


30th July 2013 | Closed

Love in the air like a breathe of fresh air. While sadness and sorrows blocks happiness from thy ears. But then you came and changed the day, made me a victim of love as if I was thy slave. And there I am standing on the edge of this cliff, looking for love like a clueless […]

My Process of Becoming a Better Me!!!!

30th July 2013 | Closed

My most memorable moment is finding out I was pregnant. I say this because, as I got that news, my smile grew and grew. Everyday was a new challenge and everyday was a trip to becoming a new me and becoming a better me. By me becoming a mother, and knowing that another human being […]

Learn More, Smoke None

30th July 2013 | 2 Comments

For years marijuana usage has been a huge debate. This topic is important to me because, throughout my life I have seen my peers abuse this illegal substance that we call marijuana. A big part of the problem is, is because our media shows it as cool. By me seeing this drug affecting people’s lifestyles […]

A Flower Growing In The Sun

12th July 2013 | 2 Comments

Hello World I am Bertha, and I am a 17 year old Latina mixed with Native American. I am a senior at our large local high school, and I am also going to school at a local college for Psychology. I myself have been through lots of life changing experiences through these first years of growing […]