Racism : turning a single human race against each other


All people are a part of a single human race. That being said, all humans are internally composed of the same substance; the key differences that separate us are people’s physical features. Just because a person does not look similar to what you are comfortable with does not account for the fact that they could genuinely be a good person. In a perfect world we would never have to worry about these things but we don’t live in a perfect world and unfortunately stereotypes have created tensions between races.

One thing that really upsets me is the fact that a person, no matter what age or race, is affected by stereotypes. For example, there are people who talk badly about a young Black male walking down the street with a hood on. They might assume the worst about him such as he is a drug dealer and he is up to no good. These ideas are only because he is a Black male. If it was reversed and he was a young Caucasian boy, people would immediately think there is no cause for alarm.

But racism doesn’t stop there. Racism also has an affect on young women as well; a young Black female is expected to become a dropout and become pregnant at a young age  and to be on welfare. I don’t think that it’s right for someone to talk stereotypically about someone else just because they are a darker skin color; that person may actually plan to go to college and have a career.

People automatically assume that because you’re Black you are on public assistance and this is not true. Yes there is a large percentage of Black people who are on public assistance and that is a tragedy but, it is not entirely because they want to be. Many of them are not educated enough to obtain a job where they can earn a livable wage. I think part of this problem is due to the fact that the public school systems are failing to educate all kids. All kids should have the chance to graduate and continue on to a university or college. I think that if these students actually felt that someone believed in them maybe they can actually go further. Sadly, because people put them down all the time they stick to doing drugs, getting into trouble on the streets or just becoming a dropout.

One thing that I am concerned about is even if Black students get the opportunity, they face new challenges of going on to a college or university, finding funds, and being undermined by other students or professors who don’t believe they can succeeded.

I know we don’t live in a perfect world, but if we lived without racism life would be easier. Racism is one of those judgmental parts of being human but it shouldn’t be that way. We should always look at the cover of a book to get an idea of what we are going to read but we should not decide whether or not we should read it.

As early as the 17th century a scientist named Boyle, believed that all races came from the same source which is Adam and Eve. He studied reports on parents having diverse albinos, so he believes that Adam and Eve were white and were able to have children of any race. Ideas about race has changed over time. For example, Eugenics which was developed by Francis Galton focused on racial issues. There was eagerness to develop a superior race of people based on the proof that there was once a natural race. It was believed that in the “beginning” people were separated locally and each region shared the same aspect and phenotypes.

Today, we are less divergent then before. We are a community of all races. Even though there is still judgments out there we are still becoming a community day by day.

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