Self-confidence is the key to success

This blog is for young overweight girls that are going through being bullied, feeling hopeless, empty inside and/or ready to give up on everything. I want you to hear my story and what I’ve been through so you know that you are not alone. There is someone out there going through the same things as you.


I was bullied since I was 8 and I always cried on my bus rides home from elementary school. Everyone laughed at me and told me that I was different from everyone else, that I was too ugly and no one would ever like me. I was so hurt everyday and all I wanted was to be friends with everyone. I wanted to “fit in” and no matter what I did they just used me and laughed at me. After elementary school I went to middle school and things didn’t get any better. I was still judged on my weight. People laughed at me for actually liking the people that I did. After 2 years of that I went to high school with a mind set that I wasn’t anybody, that I’m different from everyone else and I won’t ever be happy. After a few months in high school people actually talked to me, got to know me and be okay with me. Some tried to tell me how beautiful I was and the part that sucked the most was that I wasn’t able to believe them because of everything I had been through. I never would look at myself in the mirror because my feelings were why would I look at something that no one would ever want to look at themselves?  Now I’m 16 years old and I know that I’m not ugly. I’m a beautiful young lady who has a lot of problems but is working on them day by day and I’m happy.


My message to young girls out there is to not give up. You are all beautiful no matter what shape or size you are. Everyone is different and unique in there own way and that’s what makes them even more beautiful. Those kids were right back when I was 8, I’m not like everyone else and I don’t want to be. I’m Emily and I’m happy with being me and you all should be happy with being yourselves too. A common quote for you too think about is, “My size should not define who I am and nor can it limit me to achieve my goals. I am limitless.” Go by this quote everyday, even though you have some flaws. Curves on your body do not define who you are as a person. Prove everyone that put you down wrong by having confidence in yourself. Be the real you and love yourself because I was always taught that you can’t love somebody else if you can’t love yourself first.

Psychology uses the term self esteem to understand a persons overall emotions. Self-esteem is critical to everyones healthy functions, however no one pays attention. It is said, “when we are able to defend ourselves we have higher self esteem. Self-esteem mainly has to do with one’s physical self appearance and how they feel about themselves.” People most likely see the importance of self-esteem to their psychological health. It isn’t unusually odd that most of us try to protect and appreciate our self confidence whenever possible. What is odd is that attention to self-esteem has become a general concern, at least for Americans who see a bias opinion of themselves as the central psychological source from which all demeanor of positive outcomes recoil. The inference that low self-esteem lies at the root of individual confidence, along the lines social issues and distinctions, has postponed an determined social agendas for many years. Yes, campaigns to raise people’s sense of self-worth are successful and these campaigns give them confidence.

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  1. I really enjoyed this blog post, Emily. I think everyone has been bullied at some point in their lives and can relate to your stories shared. Your quote that you shared, “My size should not define who I am and nor can it limit me to achieve my goals. I am limitless.” Is that from you? If so, great job! So poetic! It’s similar to many of the inspirational quotes I have hanging in my bathroom to greet me every morning and remind myself how awesome I can be!

    • Emma

      No I didn’t come up with this quote, I used the quotation because it isn’t my quote. I think that is such a good idea to have things written in your bathroom to remind you about things everyday. Did you write them yourself?