Living Environment Reflection Part 1

We began by going over the Living Environment 2011 Test. Ashely allowed me to go over the questions myself and think allowed each answer. When answering each question I gave a reason for each answer i gave.  Ashely then helped me understand what the questions were really asking me to look for and how to really understand which answer was correct, instead of just giving me the answers which i thought was very helpful.

I thought today was a very good start to the L.E review sessions. starting with a old exam was an easy way to dig into what i need to know to pass my exam. Today went very well and i learned some new things that i was familiar with before. I learned a strategy about ATP on 50 ways to pass the L.E exam. Ashely also explained some things to me throughout the test that actually helped me answer some of the questions.

I think everything went very well only the distraction of my dog made me lose focus at some points but i got right back on task afterwards.

I think this day was great and im ready for many more sessions in the future!

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  1. April

    Awesome!! Love the focus on thinking more than answers! So cool.

    So tell me some of the concepts that you will work on next. I want to think with you.