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    2013 - 07.25

    Hi, my name is Keyli. I am 17 years old and a junior at a big public high school in the city. I love to act and I love animals.

    I live with my father, mother, and sister. My sister is 20 years old. I love her but sometimes we don’t get along. Most of the time I hang out with friends. We go to the movies and to the mall. I consider them to be something like a second family and I don’t know where I would be without them.


    me and my best friend at school (me on right)

    After high school I’m planning to go to college for acting and to pursue veterinary medicine. I’m planning to go to college but somewhere outside of New York State . Other than attending college, I would love to travel around the world. I would like to experience other places around the world, because the beauty of other places interests me. Some places that i want to go to are Hawaii, Japan, Cuba and Hollywood.

    One of the reasons I want to study veterinary medicine is because I love lions. i started noticing them because the rapper lil crazed has a lion as his logo and i started to fall in love. The picture below, which i made using air brush, has the logo that lil crazed uses (the little white and black lion). I send a picture of it to him through Twitter and he retweeted me! Lions are cute and powerful. I think I can discover a lot about their behaviors through working at a zoo and observing them.


    my work of art that took me months to do.


    Other than lions, I love dogs. In fact, my family owns three dogs (and fish!). We have two poodles and one pit bull. Lions and pit bulls are both powerful and cute, which connects to my interests in veterinary medicine.

    Later on in life I can see myself getting married and maybe having kids but for now I’m focused on work, school, and helping my family. The work I do now will help me to succeed in life. I am determined to follow my dreams and Science STARS is helping me do that.

    Photo on 7-18-13 at 12.47 PM

    Day 1 : me working hard at blogging.

    3 Responses to “Hello World!”

    1. Lisa says:

      Keyli, you are such a strong willed young woman and I know that with your focus, you will succeed in all of the dreams that you have! Thank you for sharing your story so that all of us reading can connect with you. I have an older sister as well, and we were always fighting when we were in High School and living at home. Now that we are older and do not live in the same house, we really enjoy spending time together 🙂

    2. Jo Ann says:

      Keyli, I will be interested to read more about your thoughts on animals… I am not sure that I would ever label a lion or a pit bull “cute”… but perhaps you can share your reasoning for feeling that way making me see those animals through your eyes… I know that I find lions very interesting. The lion exhibit at the Zoo can hold my attention for long periods of time…they are very powerful animals. So are pit bulls. Keep on sharing your thoughts…I know that by doing so, you are helping me to think and see things in a new way! So thanks.

    3. mjohnson says:


      My brothers and I fought a lot too. But for some reason my younger brother always ended up apologizing for his transgressions (lol). Now that we are older and live very different lives we don’t spend as much time together, but we have an overwhelming sense of respect for one another.

      I agree that PitBulls and lions are cute! If you give us some links to prove that then maybe we can persuade Jo Ann to see things our way.

      Additionally, I’m still waiting on your images!!! (you should know what I’m referring to! lol)