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    our trip to the vet!

    2013 - 08.17

    Alana, Morgan and I went to interview Dr.Miner  at his work place, Brighton Animal Hospital. We loved to see all of the animals and learned a lot. That was my first time ever going into an animal hospital. These are the questions we asked him and  a summary of the answers.  


    STARS (me far right) at Brighton Animal Hospital

    US: Have you done anything you consider gross?

    Dr. Miner: Um sure it doesn’t really bother me because I’m used to it but I would say that there’s a task that we have that isn’t  the most present. Once in a while we have animals that come in that are loaded with maggots and it eroding the flesh and they smell like rotten flesh and you know that that’s pretty bad. One time we had a dog come in and its eye was completely gone and it was just had all maggots inside it. That was really tough to see.

    Cool fact: Euthanasia means putting an animal to sleep.

    US: How many animal abuse cases do you  get?

    Dr.  Miner: Not too many. If we are suspicious of something we’ll call the S.P.C.A. and they will look into it.

    Cool fact: Animal abuse cases are hard to prove

    US: What kind of schooling do you have to go through to be a veterinarian technician?

    Dr. Miner: Two years but most colleges are changing to four years of colleges.

    Cool fact: They lightly sedate the animals.


    This is Dr. Miner talking to us in the operating room.

    We had a great time at the vet. We learned so much. Knowing all this information just made me want to be a veterinarian even more.  We also learned that they have about 265 appointments per week. And 71% were dogs, 29% cats and 1% other. They only have 3 veterinarians and 3 veterinarian technicians working at that small hospital.

    German shepherd

    2013 - 08.08

    my dream dog (www.free-extras.com )

    German shepherds are my fav. dog ever! I am planning to get two of my own when I get older. They are so kind and protective.  Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted a German shepherd.  I use to see them on t.v all the time and I fell in love. They have long ears and most of the time they are black, brown and blonde. Fur color is determined by a lot of factors. For example,  the fur color of labradors is determined by two different genes. Punnet squares can be used to find the genotype of a trait (eye color, skin color, fur color)  and based on this you can determine the phenotype. My parents both have  dark brown eyes and I came out with blue eyes.  They must of had dominant brown and recessive blue genes, which means I got both copies of the recessive blue gene.

    German shepherd are also known as K9 dogs. German shepherds live up to 13 years. This breed comes from Germany.  German shepherds are loyal, watchful, courageous and intelligent.


    German shepherd baby (germanshepherdappreciation.tumblr.com)

    They make awesome family pets as well as skillful dogs in the police deparment. Police use them at crime scenes. The shepherds are used to find drugs or chase down bad guys. Other then their good looks, a German shepherd’s sense of smell is good for search and rescue missions. German shepherds also are quick at learning hand signs.


    German shepherd with a cop. (www.bbc.co.uk)