Are Animals Superheroes?

Are Animals Superhero’s?


Today I was watching a movie called planet 51 and on the previews there was this movie called “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.”  This movie is about a dog’s loyalty.


I found the movie extremely interesting especially since I have a dog myself. So I decided to find out how the movie went. I went on Wikipedia and read about the plot of the story.

I found out that the movie is based on a true story and was originally made in Japan and spread all across the world.

The movie was so good they decided to make an American version of it. I’ve summed up the story, but I also tried not to give the whole movie away.

Hachi, the dog, followed his owner to work everyday. But one day the dog refused to follow his owner. Instead, he tried to keep the owner home. Later that day the owner died from a serious heart attack . For years, Hachi would go the train station and wait for his owner.

The part about this story that interested me the most was how the dog knew that something bad was going to happen. It had me thinking: Do all animals know when something bad is going to happen?.

I Googled my question and what I found was very cool. In one of the many articles I read I found that knowing something bad is going to happen is a “sixth sense” for animals. The article said that animals began to act different when something bad is going to happen.

In December of 2004 a tsunami destroyed parts of Indonesia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. They had an animal reserve there. But when they went to go find the animals, they were nowhere to be found. They managed to escape before they tsunami hit. How did the animals even get out? I find it so amazing that the animals where able to evacuate. Did they ever even find the animals? The animals are amazing for being able to since the danger.

Another example of this sixth sense was tested in 1975. There was an earthquake in the Chinese city of Haicheng. The animals began to act weird.  The actions of the animals in the city led people to evacuate before the earthquake even hit. These animals saved thousands of lives.

I find these animals so amazing. I would love  to have a dog that knows when something  bad is going to happen.






Posted: Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 @ 12:15 am
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