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    2013 - 08.01

    Hello! My name is Morgan Linton. I am 16 years old. I have been in Science STARS for four years and counting. I feel that I will be using science a lot during my life because I would like to be a veterinarian. I love animals and I am very passionate about helping them.

    I discovered my love for animals at a young age, and ever since I’ve always wanted to help an animal in need. In order for me to become a vet I have to go through 8 years of college, so I’m ¬†basically going to be in school for a long time. Its worth it because I love animals.

    Besides my love for animals, I love sports. I like to play volleyball and softball for my school and outside of ¬†school with family and friends. I also love to travel with my family. I have been to many places such as Hawaii, Florida, Jamaica, The Cayman Islands, Chicago, New Orleans , and California. So you can say I have been many places and seen many things. I am unique: I’m a very friendly person. I love having fun and making people smile, I like making people feel good about themselves. I’m hyper all the time and I’m a very loud person. I dance and sing at random times and I say random things at random times as well. I enjoy being with my close friends and I’m invested in protecting the people I love.

    But overall, despite where I’ve been and what I want to become, I will not be a statics for failure! I will not be another young black person that will not make it in life, I will not be another pregnant girl on the corner, I will not have a child at a young age. I will make it out of high school, I will go to college and make it. I am different and unique. I will prove that there is more to me then meets the eye and I will become something! I do have a future, and I am determined to do my best no matter what. I will try!

    Now that you know a little bit about me, I hope you will enjoy my blog


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